Petrichor @ Engine Room

Petrichor @ Engine Room!

Markvaine Wings & Verayne Outfit coming to Engine Room!

These awesome wings come in Large, Medium, Small, and Unrigged (open & closed), including dropdown menu anim versions, as well as an animations HUD, main color HUD, and secondary color HUD!

This stunning outfit is available for eBody Reborn (+Mounds), Kupra, Lara, and Legacy (+ Perky), including the fabrics HUD, corset hide and show HUD, and secondary HUD!

The full outfit consists of the Bodysuit, Belt, Skirt, and Necklace!

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★ [Petrichor] Inworld Group Link: secondlife:///app/group/b43442a1-b2f0-5f5e-2399-59af3d0bbb7e/about
★ Petrichor was founded in 2006 and we are happy to still be making pretties for your beautiful faces. Gorgeous 100% custom mesh & lush textures, original, handpainted Fantasy skins, items, accessories, decor, and more.

~ by Vae .Petrichor. on March 23, 2023.

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