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Gacha Megahud Turn In: This turn in requires that you have an entire set from a single gacha in a single size. This includes all rares and all commons from the gacha. Make a folder titled: Gacha Name – Megahud Turn In – Legacy Name Add your items! Same with Rare to Copy swaps, some items can be opened so long as they’ve got all the items included in their folder when placed into the turn in folder. NC Title: Megahud Turn In – Date – Legacy Name NC Inside: Gacha Item List: When Completed send this entire folder to Vae Darkheart inworld and she’ll send you the Megahud Version (which is also copy!) to you as soon as possible! Note: The use of making lists is so you both know that every item is in the folder. Unpacked items do not need sublists, just the folder name of the item is fine.

Gacha Rare Copy Swap: Make a Folder titled: Gacha Rare to Copy Swap – Legacy Name Add your item(s) to the folder. Place a notecard with a list of your items inside with the items themselves. Gachas can be opened so long as all pieces are still in the unpacked folder. Just add that folder to the turn in folder. NC Title: Gacha Swap – Date – Legacy Name NC Insides: Item(s) Name: Once Completed: Send this entire folder to Vae Darkheart. Things inside will be verified with the list and copy version will be sent to you as soon as possible.

Gacha FAQs: -Redeliveries are not given for gachas due to the nature of how gachas function. -Refunds are only given if the wrong size was purchased accidentally. Vae can verify if you wrong clicked a Kupra while trying to get your Legacy pulls. This if only for instances of a single wrong play. Please do not abuse this. -You can at any time swap your Rares for Copy versions! (Form to Follow) -You can also at any time swap an entire gacha set for the 40 color Megahud! -Vae does not do size swapping. -Gachas are not sold as full sets.

For Redeliveries Not On Caspervend: Don’t worry, we got’chu. Please send in a NC titled: Skin Redelivery – Legacy Name Use this inside the NC: Skin Name(s): Legacy Name: Transaction ID(s): Screenshot(s): You can replace ‘Skin’ with ‘Item’ for items. Screenshots are only required if you cannot find your Transaction IDs! For the snapshots, it’s best to take a picture of your Avatar wearing the skin or item with your inventory open to show the item. Once Completed send this Notecard to Vae Darkheart inworld for manual redelivery. It may take some time as Vae is a very busy person, but she’ll get them to you as fast as possible. It’s handy to use Gyazo or Lightshot for your snapshots

✖ Always Copy/Mod, Unless Skins and Scripted items. But most of the time, those are mod, too. I dont believe in no mod unless it’s necessary. If you can’t mod it, you don’t own it.

✖ Details About Caspervend: Not everything is on Caspervend just yet. It’s a long work in progress that Vae has begun just -this- year starting with Fantasy Fair items and anything newer. Any of these items from that point can be redelivered at any time via the Caspervend button in the Mainstore location. For anything prior to Fantasy Fair, you can still get a redelivery on non-gacha items at any time by sending in a NC. (See Post Below For Details.) NOTE: As more items and skins get added to Caspervend, we feel we need to make it painfully clear that Caspervend does -not- add previous transactions before it was implemented. Meaning to get on a redelivery list, you’ll have to contact Vae to get put on the list as things get added. We’ll make it known and provide a form/means to send in for being added to these particular items when they’re on the vendor!

To get your transaction ID:
Find the data where you bought the specific item, either by scrolling or using the Search function, and copy the number for use in your customer service notecard or applier request form.
If marketplace: Order #, please.

When you send an order number, transaction record, or invoice number, please specify if its inworld, marketplace, or caspervend!

✖ A lot of my items are inspired from RL stuff! like, you know, 90% of all the other stuff in SL!
If i see something I adore, making my own version of it is the best thing ever. ღ Have a suggestion? Hop into our discord! https://discord.gg/DzVHsn6

✖ Find something wrong? Need help? Message me. Seriously. I’d rather spend the time helping than deal with an unfair, permanent, negative review.

★ [Petrichor] Discord: https://discord.gg/DzVHsn6
★ [Petrichor] Twitter: https://twitter.com/PetrichorSL
★ [Petrichor] Website: http://www.petrichor-art.org/
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