Eye System How-To.

Hello and Thank You for your interest in the Petrichor Eye System!

This Eye system works Cross-Hud, which means that any Petrichor texture HUD for Eyes will work with any other Petrichor Eye pack! That means you can take the time to set up one set of Petrichor Eyes for your preferred head and make a copy to use for another Petrichor Eye HUD! Less time spent readjusting every new pair, woo! Get yo peep on.


-Add your new eyes. Each set comes with a L and R unrigged eye in both spherical and ovular for the best fit possible with your preferred head. You may need to spend a tad bit of time adjusting your new eyes for the best fit.
-Add your HUD! Give the HUD ~20 seconds to load. Click Show, if it is not already open, once it has finished loading.

Eye Bases
-In the right hand corner is a handy Eye Resizer for your adjusting needs. (Note that this only adjusts size and not position. However, all eyes are mod, so you can adjust position manually!)
-In the Left hand corner chose between texturing Left, Right, or Both eyes. Each eye can be worked on independently of the other. Get that fancy heterochromia going! Textures chosen should update automatically as soon as they are clicked.

Pupil, Shine, Shade, and Anims
-Select one of each category to apply it to your fancy eyeballs. Each layer is standard white so that you can tint it any color your little heart desires. Textures should update as soon as they are chosen.
-Animations will automatically run as soon as they are selected.
-The handy-dandy eye preview on the right side of the HUD helps to know which settings are currently selected. Sometimes you may need to flip to Page Three and hit Apply Settings for selections to update to your eyes from selections on Page Two.

Tinting, Material Shine, Glow, Alpha, and Layer Options
!In order to apply any settings on this page once they’ve been adjusted, the Apply Settings will need to be clicked to update the eyes.!
-Select one of the options between Base, Shadow, Pupil, Shine, and Anim in order to tint them from the RBG picker or adjust their other settings displayed on the left hand side.
-Tinting: Select the color you’d like to tint your layer. The color will preview in the box below the RGB window. When you are happy with your tint on your specified layer, hit Apply Settings to add the tint.
-You may also adjust your Material Gloss and Environment settings with the sliding scale. Completely left is Off. Fully right is the strongest setting. !Make sure you have Bump Mapping and Shine on in your preferences in order to see these details while editing your look!
-Alpha affects how much opacity your layer displays. Fully left will hide the layer completely, fully right will set it to full display with no opacity.
-Layer Hide will hide your selected Layer. Apply Settings will still have to be clicked after clicking Layer Hide in order to hide the layer.
-Show Layer: In order to unhide any hidden layers, use the Alpha slider and set it back fully to the right side and click Apply Settings to show the layer again.
-The Fullbright button sets your base layer to Fullbright On or Off.

All eye sets are Copy and Modify. You wanna make your own fancy eyeball textures? Well, guess what, you can, yee yee!
You can Hide/Show or Detach the HUD.
Get Gorgeous!


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