Vaera Nails – How-To.

Hello, Thank You for your interest in the Vaera Nail System!

This nail system works Cross-Hud, which means that any texture hud for the Vaera Nails will work with the Base Nail pack! You must have the Base Pack in order to use the additional HUDs. Each additional HUD comes with textures, shine, and bump mapping only. There is also a DEV KIT available for those who want to make their own custom textures or nail packs. It can be found in world in the Nail System Section next to Eyes.


-Add your nails. The base shape when adding the nails for the first time will be square with a blank texture. This is normal!
-Add your HUD of choice, be it the Base HUD or one of the various texture pack HUDs. Give the HUD ~20 seconds to load. Click Show, if it is not already open, once it has finished loading.

!Before trying to select shape or color, you will first need to select the nails you want these changes to effect!
-Selecting Nails: You can select each nail separately, full hand left or right separately, or chose to texture them all at once. There are separate buttons for each. Chosen nails will highlight in red!
-Nail Texture: Once your chosen nails are selected for change, click one of the 20 texture options of your choice. Nails will be automatically updated to your selection.
-Nail Shape: You may also swap the Shape of your nails by using the toggle for Shape next to the Nail Preview window.
-Glow: The Vaera Nail system supports glow function! Glow Level 1 is No Glow. Glow brightness can be increased up to Level 11! Clicking on Glow Level at 11 will reset back to 1.

!You must set a Shine between 2 and 11 to see shine!
-Before selecting one of the 20 options for Shine, make sure to set your Shine level on your nails before clicking the Shine you’d like. Shine levels toggle between 1 (no shine) and 11 (strongest). Clicking on Shine Level at 11 will reset back to 1.
-Click on your preferred Shine! Nails will automatically update to your selection!
-Use Shine Level 1 for No Shine.

-Bump/Normal Maps: Chose between one of the 20 available mapping options. Each Bump Map selection corresponds/pairs with the Shine options on Page Two. Nails will automatically update to your chosen selection!

The nails are mod. You wanna tint them green? Tint them hos green, alien babe.
You can Hide/Show or Detach the HUD.
Be a pretty boo.

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