Epiphany October!

All info can be found here!


The Skalle Halloween Gatcha, at Epiphany!

Gorgeous and painstakingly crafted 100% custom gorgeous mesh items for this round of Epiphany, this gatcha is sure to please.
This gatcha has 4 rares to win as well as some hellaciously awesome commons. Here’s the list:


Halle Horns with customization HUD:
Gorgeous horns with spiked chains, dangling gemstones with metal endpieces and beautiful ribbons. Comes with a seriously awesome thorned circlet and thorn necklace, bracelets, and matching earrings. all are hud controlled.

Skull Harness:
Gorgeous 100% mesh harness, unrigged, with a fit for every avatar; slink, maitreya, and belleza. Hud to change metals and gemstones included, moddable, resizable, able to fit perfectly to your avatar.

Skele Boots:
Skeleton boots. These are fitted for maitreya, belleza, and slink, and come with an awesome customization HUD. They fit the mid height for your shoe presets and are gorgeous. 20 bases, 20 bone insert textures, and 15 metals make this pair of boots perfect for any outfit.

Coffin bag.
The coffin bag is deliciously precious. With an unrigged design, a gorgeous hud that changes all parts, and sweet dreadfully decadent textures featuring iconic goth motifs, this is a must have for any modern witch.


Marrow Jewelry
Male and female fits of a necklace with an adorned skull, crown atop his head. Skull and gems are hud controlled and there are matching earrings. Comes in Gold, Silver, or Noir.

Gorgeous Skull adorned bracelets for the left and right wrists. Can be modded into anklets too. Comes in Gold, Silver, or Noir.

Muerta Rings:
Tiny delicate wispy metal rings with bow adornments, these rings have tiny skull beads and are fit for maitreya and slink casual hands. Comes in Gold, Silver, or Noir.

Jacke Pumpkins:
Rezzable low land impact pumpkins with built in shadow, featuring a spooky skeleton face cutout. The eyes and inners glow! 5 tones to win.

Skully Earrings:
Unisex punk rock style skull earrings with cutout and multicolor inserts and chopstick fastener. Comes in White, Red, Black, Purple, & Orange.

Skully Scarves:
Gorgeous unisex scarves with spooky prints. 6 to win: Dots, Inky, Menna, Ooze, Skall, & Victoria

Haunt Pillows:
Low land impact rezzable mesh pillow sets in spooky elegant themes. 5 to win: Geist, Ornate, Polter, Tar, & Vira.

Fourskulle Rings:
Bitchin ass ringset with over-the-top victorian themed skull rings, adorned with skull accents and accented with metal bands. Comes in Gold, Silver, or Noir, and are fit for maitreya and slink casual hands

Cauldron Mugs:
Cauldron mugs with holdable and wearable options, animated on touch, with a customization hud for the liquids. Comes in Smog, Pitch, and Gore.

Spill Candles:
Cute lttle candles with animated flames, great decor items. one land impact, and can be scaled up. cute runny wax effect. Comes in Wax, Ink, Ooze, Mana, and Blood.

Not telling! Comes with a holdable and rezzable version.

EXCLUSIVE for epiphany- 25 point reward: Most of the items from the gatcha with copy/mod permissions in exclusive spooky colors for October!
Also, 4 pairs of exclusive horns that have gorgeous markings etched into the base and victorian embellishments on the gems.


Please make sure you are on a Mesh-Enabled Viewer to see this item correctly.

To see all releases in chrono order on the marketplace:

~ by Vae .Petrichor. on October 16, 2016.

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