Arcade is now open!
The Vindeluna gatcha is a labor of love.
Enter into a world of curious rustic curios and mysterious adornments, items handcrafted from the finest and rarest materials our world has to offer! Decorate your humble abode or sprawling estate with these eccentric and awe-inspiring relics and add a little charm to your home. Illuminate your dwelling with a wide variety of lamps, lanterns and candles. Spruce up the place with a planter or two and take in the exquisite scents they have to offer paired with some incense. Have some tea, tell time or look to the stars and if you’re lucky you might just catch one! A beautiful and wondrous selection awaits you when you play the Vindeluna Gatcha by Plastik!

This wonderful set includes five extremely rare pieces that are sure to complete your dream home’s look and with a little luck and some pixie dust you may just find yourself in possession of one or all of them! The Mahogany Hutch is a must have for any person of the alchemical persuasion, a good place to store your herbs and reagents or if you’re more of a greenthumb you may find yourself growing something on the top, keeping all of your seeds inside! The Geolab Table & Plant are an exceptionally fine addition to any living room or tea parlour providing a place to put your drinks or as a focal point to feast the eyes upon! Perhaps add the Speye Glasses to your stargazing collection and set them upon a desk or windowsill and add a little magic to your study. The Andras Table & Chairs makes a fine addition to any dining room or even your kitchen giving it a humble yet elegant look and a place to have a bountiful feast! Light up any room in your home with the Rika Floor Lamp and behold it’s uncanny ability to enhance any drab room with brilliantly stunning colors! Or perhaps you are in need of something to hold your many tomes and what better to do it with the Phoe Shelves! The sky is the limit with these fantastic items obtainable only by playing the Vindeluna Gatcha!
Please make sure you are on a Mesh-Enabled Viewer to see this item correctly.

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~ by Vae .Petrichor. on June 1, 2017.

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