Lootbox September


The Traveling Potions Gatcha for Lootbox! ❤

The Traveling Potions Gatcha


Any good apothecary knows that one can never be too prepared and when duty calls it helps to have all of your equipment on hand and ready to go. The life of a traveling alchemist is a tough one, but a fulfilling one if you have the right ingredients and the will to bring your craft to all corners of the world! Never leave the shop again without the proper tools and reagents when you find yourself in the possession of one or all of these fine items! The rare but well-used Traveling Potion Maker Case comes equipped with a measured goblet and syringe as well as several pouches and bottles filled with plenty of rare solutions for use in your work! Truly, you would be lost without this wonderful kit as it is the literal and spiritual essence of what it means to be a healer! Make no mistake, however, as it is well known that the traveling apothecary uses many herbs and spices each with their own specialized properties and uses. Why not grab some extra ingredients, pre-sampled and measured to make things as simple and smooth as they can be. You’ll need a sturdy mortar and pestle too but fear not because we thought ahead! Three uniquely colored, finely crafted and elegant mortar and pestles can be yours for mere spare change! And what better to accompany the tools with a little bit of extra storage? Pick one of seven different materials of satchels, or grab them all, and store your dry mixtures and blends with ease and care! Get all of these wonderful medicinal items when you play the Traveling Potions Gatcha!


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~ by Vae .Petrichor. on September 22, 2017.

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