Fantasy Faire 2022


From now until May 8th, 2022 join .Petrichor. for our biggest event of the year:

*:・゚✧ ゚・: * FANTASY FAIR! *:・゚✧ ゚・: *

Website & Shopping Guides:

This year we’re unleashing a massive 64+ new release items in a burst of creativity fit for the largest fantasy event on the grid!

Our biggest highlights include the much anticipated Valenne Mer-tail and the Nariverus Dryad skins!

We’re also bringing in three new full outfits, 30+ new eye sets, and over 40 other releases as well as having teamed up with ERSCH, [][]TRAP[][], & !Reliquary for various releases.

There’s also a slew of new wondrous accessories and horns to make you into the most fabulous fantasy babies this side of sparkledust!

~|| Valenne Tail ||~

The Valenne Tail is a work of love almost a year in the making. We’re so proud and happy to present it to you for FF2022.
It comes with many, MANY options. A basics HUD is included with ten tail colors, and there are 18 color packs to choose from as addons. Other addons include Pearls for the tail fins, and Ribbons for the tail fins. Please remember to try a demo!

A deformer is included in the tail so that it performs the right way, and the utilities HUD makes customization easy with shine & environment sliders, hide and show buttons, and three sets of normal maps for different levels of bumpiness. These also come with BOM Scalefades for the torso and chest for added customization. All color (not marking) pack addons have the BOM tattoos pre-matched to the tones included in that pack.

You need an AO for this tail to work. At some point in the future I might animate an AO but I do not have the time and expertise required for it currently, and I refuse to put anything but my best work forward. We Suggest Tala or Diva AO. Must be bento. There’s a test animation that plays in the demo but it is just so that you can see how animations affect the tail skeleton 🙂 TAIL COMES IN MALE: GIANNI | JAKE | LEGACY  – FEMALE: LEGACY | LARA | KUPRA | FREYA | EBODY . Mesh by ERSCH, Rigging, textures, scripting, and all else by Petrichor.

~|| Nariverus Dryad Skins ||~
The Nariverus Dryad skins come with a multitude of customization options and feature gorgeous swirling vines, colorful leaves, and intricate growth patterns all over the body. these come with multiple head styles as well as EVO-X Compatible addons. Addons as well include modesty covers, muscles, femboy chests, full and half face markings, and more as well as materials appliers for every major body type. This is a gorgeous collab beterrn [][]TRAP[][] and Petrichor.

Selos has also done a gorgeous little hair for this as well!

~|| Accessory Previews ||~
Gorgeous feathery themed angelic style jewelry and accessories in a multitude of diverse colors and metals.

2022 redux of the popular Chrysophylax Horns. RE-UVMapped, efficiently remade textures, crisper and clearer dragons and multi-function HUDS for materials and more. Also comes with a handheld bento dragon with animation.

Flowy greek style FULL OUTFIT with complete hide/show HUD, full body harness set, flowing skirt, and gorgeous ribbon accents.
A collaboration between Petrichor & ERSCH.

A gorgeous heavily detailed metal Cameo set featuring a gorgeous Skull lady cameo by !Reliquary.
A collaboration between Petrichor & !Reliquary.

Magical Orbs & Body cuffs in the Sharps style of the Kelstreia outfit.

A gorgeous strappy bodysuit in a stupidly vast array of colors and patterns.
A collaboration between Petrichor & ERSCH.

Standalone Mesh elven ears PLUS Male and Female EVOX fits for the EVOX Heads.

Gorgeous ridged horns in many wear styles including Sparkled and Cel-Shaded.

Big chonky gemstone maze earrings in hundreds of colors.

Super wispy, elegant, elven styled jewelry and cuffs.

A gorgeous Dryad styled bodysuit and Limb set featuring amazing body-hugging leaves.
A collaboration between Petrichor & ERSCH.

A fountain for your outdoor needs featuring the new Coralheart Centerpiece.

An extensive jewelry set designed to hold pictures of your loved ones.
Scripted to swing open and display your pictures.

Delicate and gorgeous Glass horns with filigree adornments in many styles, and 3 horn shapes.
An extra horn shape is included in the Fatpack.

The Togruah outfit is a badass huntress featuring leather bracers, legs, laced boots, body belts, and is adorned with a gorgeous embossed huntress emblem on all pieces.
Buy individual pieces, size fatpacks, or all for a heavy discount!

The Valjire cuffs & collars are Rigged to:
They also come with unrigged mod pieces for smaller, or bigger, or anthro avatars.

~|| Galaxy Eye Collection ||~
Huge collection of 15 Galaxy, outerspace, and planet themed eye accessories for your sparkly self.

~|| Eye Previews ||~
Giant new collection of eyes for FF2022 featuring all sorts of crazy new styles.
Check the pics for more info!

|| Relay For Life Previews ||
These are the special edition items ive done this year as 100% proceed donation items.
The older items for FF donations are also out if you missed them last year!

Lara, Legacy, ebody, kupra, perky, lara petite

Lara, Legacy, ebody, kupra, perky, lara petite

Have an amazing Faire and an even more amazing year. ❤ I’m gonna go nap.

~ by Vae .Petrichor. on April 21, 2022.

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